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Mt. Park Fitness & Zija: Partners in Nutrition
In the current climate of an epidemic of obesity, poor nutrition, and physical inactivity paired with a multibillion dollar diet industry and a strong interest among the general public in improving eating habits and increasing physical activity, fitness professionals are on the front lines in helping the public to achieve healthier lifestyles. Fitness professionals provide an essential service to their clients, the industry, and the community at large when they are able to offer credible, practical, and relevant nutrition information to clients while staying within their professional scope of practice.

What we offer to all of our members:

    Principles of healthy nutrition and food preparation
    Food to be included in the balanced daily diet
    Essential nutrients needed by the body
    Actions of nutrients on the body
    Effects of deficiencies or excesses of nutrients
    How nutrition requirements vary through the life cycle
    Info about nutrients contained in foods or supplements

(works cited Natalie Digate Muth, M.D., M.P.H., R.D. ACE Fitness Nutrition Manual)

Nutrition is key

Nutrition is a passion for me!

Proper nutrition ensures my body performs at it's peak.

When the body gets what it needs, it has an amazing ability to improve and protect itself. The two products to use are Zija XM+ Energy Mix and Smart Mix. The XM+ Energy Mix helps me power through my workouts and provides 100% natural energy with no artificial or harmful stimulants. XM+ is packed full of vitamins, minerals, 19 Amino Acids (core protein building blocks) and much, much more.

For Post workout and recovery, I use Zija Smart Mix which contains power-packed nutrition and 36 anti-inflammatories — that means quicker recovery.

Join the fight for good health!

You may be like me and have a real heart for helping people improve their lives. One significant way we can help people is to introduce them to new habits and new ways for them to improve their health and the health of those they love and care about. God has created a wonderful plant called Moringa and Zija has created some amazing products from this plant.


 Come join us as Team Mount Park Fitness shares these Moringa-based products with people around the world helping to improve both their health and their wealth.

Check out more great products

Hello everyone I am true testament of what exercise at mountain park fitness will do for. Down 40 pounds and thanks to Zija food supplements and Theresa my personal Trainer ! Thank you Zija and Alan at mountain park Fitness! 

Terrance Miller

We survey our members every year. Here are the top 5 reasons they LOVE Mountain Park Fitness

 "You Are Convenient" - In, Out and On with your day 

* Our Members have access to all our certified staff.
* Our locations are easy to get to from anywhere in the area.
* Parking situation - Our large lot, Right out front, Well Lit, with
   more than enough spaces. Nearby shopping for your convenience.
* No Appointments needed for personal attention.
* Work out when it's best for you, morning, afternoons, evenings or overnight.

" I Get No Hassles Here" 
Our 4k Sq Ft. facilities - plenty of room to move around
* Enough workout stations, which means no waiting.
* Many Pieces of Cardio Equipment 
* We're open 24 hrs during the week for your convenience 
* Top of the line core training tools for strength and toning, etc.
* Fitness, Free weights and Tanning all at one location.

" I'm Seeing Results"
We are the ONLY fitness center in the area, that
includes Fitness and Tanning
* Personal Training
* Free consultation with a personal trainer
* Core Training tools
* Complete Cardio Area
* 30 minutes with us is equivalent to 90 mins on your own
* Selectorized Machines
* A large free weight area
* Supplements
* Nutritionists
* Tanning and Massage

"It's a Fair Price and a Great Value" 

* Full use of the facility and equipment
* You have access to our fitness experts
* State of the Art Modalities
* Online eFitness tools
* Supervised Workouts

Also Available: 
* Personal Training
* Tanning
* Convenient Location
* Discounts with Membership - Affiliates
* Group and Corporate rates and terms also available

" You Have Excellent Customer Service" 
* We know most our Members by name.
* Owner operated 
* We have the best training staff in this area by far!
* Wonderful Fun environment.
* The social "club" feel is definitely unique. * "It's the place to be".

Mt. Park Fitness is Owner Operated to insure quality

Grab a free trial and feel free to stop by for a tour of our facilities. For more information contact us and we look forward to seeing you at Mt. Park Fitness.

Exercise specialist are available to assist members with efficiently meeting their goals. Personal training is also available to members. When you come in, ask our staff about how to get in touch with our personal trainers.

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